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For example: sending a newsletter everyday afternoon or send an email alert to the customer for every one hour.

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It has access to pretty much the same system features a regular application has, however it has to be managed in the code-behind only. When the service stops, it is a good idea to insert a log entry as well. There, in the bottom rht corner you will see the list of available properties: Instead of the default name (Service1) I named it Test Service, so I can easily identify it in the service list later on.

Creating a setup project for a <em>windows</em> <em>service</em> using VS2010.

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Unlike standard Windows applications, services run in the background and don’t have a GUI, unless managed by another application that can be considered the controller. Therefore, in the On Start event I am going to use the following sample code: This basiy puts a line in the log file that indicates that the service was started. If not – the file is created in the specified folder.

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The procedures in this topic walk you through the process of creating a simple Windows Service application that writes messages to an event log.C# - Install Windows Service created in Visual Studio - Stack Overflow

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